i’m so happy that they’re remaking Link’s Awakening for the switch, it was the first game I ever played as kid. started playing the original again last night and remembered that part of the trading quest involves delivering a love letter from a goat called Christine to a man and the letter contains a photo of “Christine” but it’s actually a picture of princess peach. Nintendo had a goat catfishing someone in 1993.

can I get some yikes in the chat please

I hope billy porter is having a great day

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Selfies. Making up for last time when I looked terrible. I just had a haircut and look like a human again. Who wants to come rub the back of my head? Feels good 🐍

just spent £30 on shoes for a baby. why’re baby shoes so expensive? they can’t even WALK.

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the world can be a cruel and unforgiving place but it's nice that we've always got one thing that brings us all together: Crippling debt.

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nsfw dreams, beastiality, pregnancy 

my housemates boyfriend just looked into my bedroom to say hi and saw me curled up in bed surrounded by crisp packets watching E3 stuff. he’s like 55 and I can tell he doesn’t know how to take me. ah well.

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depression, animal death 

I would pay to see Detective Pikachu again just to be able to see more of the chirping Bulbasaurs

I think about Prince’s 2007 super bowl halftime show a lot and wow, he did that. he did THAT. they should’ve just cancelled american football there and then cos it was never going to recover. I love Prince.

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turned my boss against Sargon of Akkad yesterday and had a pleasant conversation about feminism with him today. PROGRESS.

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