NVQ Level 4 in business management and administration is the fucking BORINGEST thing in the world I hate it so much god I don’t want to write about DIARY SYSTEMS any more

what if i had a daughter and called her Abaddon, Abby for short

Alcohol and vaping 

I’ve watched it like 3 times now and I still can’t decide if I actually enjoy “the end of the f***ing world” or not

if you feel sad today, google “blacknose sheep”, ur welcome

managed to match my jumper, shoes and phone case today without even thinking. oo she mint. also scribbled out face cos yikes I’m tired

damn it feels good to be smarter than babies and most dogs

2019 gave us the rise of both Lil Nas X and Lizzo and just... wow

galarian ponyta says “trans rights!”

wore heels to work cos being 6’3” in them is a power move

Its Monday again!

Fucked up how that keeps happening

a restaurant but instead of the wait staff asking how your meal is, they do a vibe check

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