selfie, ec 

people always ask, "new phone, who dis?" but they never ask, "new phone, how dis?"

i’m so grateful that guinea pigs exist

the 3 stages of life: zoomer, millennial, and boomer

selfie, ec, vampire look, boosts welcome 

my mom lives on a diet of newspaper and kitkat chunkies

Great news today, my account is finally paying off. I'm shooting a pilot for my sitcom in a few months. I'm very excited to see who will be playing my nagging bitch of a wife

got me some fangs for my works Halloween party. love this for me.

bought some vampire fangs so I can finally be the goth that 12yo baby bat Jade always wanted to be

NVQ Level 4 in business management and administration is the fucking BORINGEST thing in the world I hate it so much god I don’t want to write about DIARY SYSTEMS any more

what if i had a daughter and called her Abaddon, Abby for short

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