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one advantage having all this fanfiction on file gives me is that if i ever criticize a nerd and they are like “no you DON’T underSTanD” i can just shoot them a link and be like “no i DO understand; see here i did this same exact thing when i was 13”

oh hey i uploaded my terrible corpus generation script to the internet if anyone wants to see the horrors i am working with

i also wrote programs to solve homework problems for people and distributed them through the class

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the TI nspire is realistically overpriced bullshit, but personally i was quite thankful for it, as i did most of my writing in math class, and teacher’s couldn’t get mad at me for Using My Calculator

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project 6 is alllllllll the fanfiction so it will take a while

“project to put everything i ever wrote on the internet for anyone to read, elementary school through college edition” status: 5/50

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it’s not my INTENTION to create a timeline for the evolution of my handwriting style but that’s what i’m doing

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i understand?? it is pretty easy to find the remaining books in a series but pretty hard to find books about that series, so it’s more important to have metadata about the latter?? but still, it’s weird lol

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for example there is an LOC Authority file for Artemis Fowl (series), but the only things associated with it are books which are ABOUT Artemis Fowl (series). there is no way to get from that file to a list of the actual books in the series.

(there is in fact not even a property for “in book series” that the artemis fowl books could possibly have been assigned, as far as i can tell)

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