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which means of course i have to type up the annotations

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turns out i not only have original paper copies of some of this stuff i transcribed from digital (which i should now scan+edit transcriptions to match), but i also have ANNOTATED COPIES of some of this stuf

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*sigh* i potentially have a lot more work cut out for me

Who Is This Goth Girl And Why Did I Draw Her On The Back Of Sheet Music To Clock Town Day 3

man i love those feels when i’m going through old papers and i hit something like this

penmanship is important y’all


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love too create nearly (but not quite!) the same exact index.html file for every folder in a large branching directory structure

are coyotes cryptids

don't feel bad, she is always shown illuminated by a yellow light which makes it very difficult to distinguish green and blue, plus it is really more of a teal that is only obviously green when compared to Link’s very obvious blue


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why are zelda’s eyes green in breath of the wild

wired: making your first name a noun

inspired: making your last name “Girl”, “Boy”, or “Enby”

lorule definitely has strong Sodom vibes, by which i mean it is inhospitable, prideful, abandoned all that is holy, full of thieves, doomed to destruction, and also everyone there is coded as some kind of queer

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i simply cannot read a fanfiction starring Hilda and not read her as trans. i simply cannot

« I guess arson is ※one※ way to celebrate things. »

“i am going to go read fanfic!!”

*opens fanfic*


*closes tab*

“i forgot how to read”

The Sun and Her Scorch by Dizzy has a real rural 90s radio pop vibe going on with it

you: how long are you going to be doing this Old Fic thing for

me: that was project № 3… of 50

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