if i ever write an arranged marriage fic you can bet it will be sad(tm)

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there aren’t enough sad(tm) arranged marriage fics

@witchfynder_finder that’s the idea!!

i mean the point is that every letterform is distinct and legible at small sizes but in ordinary english that is very much not the case so i change certain things a fair bit and it makes them MORE legible i just worry because they’re also more different

the other problem with making a habit of writing like this is that although ※i※ know that this says « Westley’s boring adaptation of the Mario and Luigi franchise » i worry that it has become basically impenetrable to anyone else

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« In further news, this show appears to be for toddlers. »

my very ballpark estimation is about two minutes of reading per page, by which i mean 500–600 words, whereas cursive is more like 225–250 (a little under one minute) [with more variation because cursive can sprawl]

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honestly filling a full page with double lines of unicameral script feels really nice, it’s just like, all text

and despite being half-height it’s still at least as legible as cursive script; the only downside is that it’s much slower to write

i don’t normally have food takes but fuck gelato

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gelato: the ice cream of the bourgeoisie™

@benhamill @witchfynder_finder pretty sure nobody who actually helps people for a living likes cops. like i’ve never heard of one. except maybe some teachers because schools are a fuck

@wxcafe @hierarchon right i mean if backcompat is the issue you could support <li> and just stick a <br> at the end of every one instead of dropping the tags which helps nobody

or have a separate API endpoint request which supports full HTML and autoconvert non‐legacy HTML into markdown for older clients

or… or… (point is that you can support legacy software better by acknowledging a feature than by ignoring it)

if you are a good writer you can pull it off for a few chapters but eventually i’m gonna wise to the fact that you haven’t actually thought about your approach at all and are just playing

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honestly all of my stories read very differently i don’t understand people who always write the same

maybe i should make a post‐dream æsthetick fediverse account

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and by “full of” i mean in the comments to the bandcamp releases lol

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you can tell it’s an actual punk movement because it is full of both queers and disaffected/reactionary white men

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honestly dreampunk is what both cyberpunk and vaporwave wish they could be

speaking of, friends with bandcamp accounts, hmu with them so i can see what you’re listening to

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