« Link and Midna depart with the Mirror Shard as Yeto and Yeta share a warm embrace. » ah yes, a “warm embrace”, is that what the kids are calling it

also i did not previously know that there are exactly 40 days between the approximate september equinox and hallowmas but that seems like very important information to know

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it is good because Twilight Princess is a game wot with punkins in it

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the fact that Phuroræus begins with the equinox and ends on Halloween is Very Good and strong evidence that this is the correct calendar system for a game like Twilight Princess

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this is what i got team:

## Latonius

+ **Greek:** Λᾰτόνιος
+ **Deity:** Ōdonās
+ **Dates:** Aug 13– Sep 21

## Phuroræus

+ **Greek:** Φῠρωραῖος
+ **Deity:** Phyrōrā
+ **Dates:** Sep 22–Oct 31

## Yigius

+ **Greek:** Υἵγιος
+ **Deity:** Huigān
+ **Dates:** Nov 1–Dec 10

### Intercalcary Period

+ **Dates:** Dec 11–Dec 15

## Hebræus

+ **Greek:** Ἡβραῖος
+ **Deity:** Hēbrā
+ **Dates:** Dec 16–Jan 24

## Dinius

+ **Greek:** Δείνιος
+ **Deity:** Dīn
+ **Dates:** Jan 25–Mar 5

## Gorius

+ **Greek:** Γώριος
+ **Deity:** Gōrus
+ **Dates:** Mar 6–Apr 14

## Jabius

+ **Greek:** Ἰάβιος
+ **Deity:** Jabus
+ **Dates:** Apr 15–May 24

## Nædrius

+ **Greek:** Ναῖδριος
+ **Deity:** Nædrus
+ **Dates:** May 25–Jul 3

## Mæoræus

+ **Greek:** Μαιοραῖος
+ **Deity:** Mæorā
+ **Dates:** Jul 4–Aug 12

at that level of fannish behaviour where i am currently charting out what happens every MONTH* of twilight princess because year granularity was too rough

* actually it’s called a “tierce” and it’s 40 days long but

« you’re a masochist for falling for me »

listening to my old TLoSaI playlists and they still bop

« fools rush, while geniuses stray behind »

i'm just very bored of these cheap remixes of songs wot don't get it

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if you're going to make electronic music with drops, you should be required to first study chipzel and in particular spectra

basically nobody else makes an affordable wireless perforated notebook with the binding on the long side though

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the Staples brand notebooks i use absorb ink like a sponge which really limits which pens you can use with them if you aim to write double-sided

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