last week i wrote a bunch of smut; iʼm not posting links; iʼm tired of promoting my writing; good night

oh fuck right itʼs

i finally finished writing that one smutfic iʼve been slowly publishing over the course of a month despite it being the length of a oneshot

i have closed out of the relevant directory in my filesystem and am now going to entirely forget that it is a thing i have ever written

(i run on Animal Crossing time lol; the new day doesnʼt begin until sunrise)

☞ My « ill­‑advised Young Samus/Madeline Bergman ‘Metroid: Other M’ smutfic » finally, after five chapters of setting up the scenario, has smut in it! <> Iʼm just going for maximum unpopularity here by making it *not even* a slow burn and yet still requiring readers to click “Next Chapter” 5 times before they get to the sexy part.

Itʼs also now exactly half published! More to come.

just another

☞ The big news today is that this week I finally started publishing the ill­‑advised Young Samus/Madeline Bergman ‘Metroid: Other M’ smutfic Iʼm writing to AO3: <>. It updates thrice weekly, and it has been about a week so there are three parts up now.

Did you know my cat is named Madeline?? Now you do.

☞ Iʼve also been playing a lot of ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’; you can see Photos Iʼve taken over in the ACNHMemories tag.


i've been playing a lot of ANIMAL CROSSING

i'm trying to WRITE A THING but it is SLOW

i've been reading ‘Human’ (series) by Eevee Nicks and i can neither recommend nor caution against it <>; it nails some things and makes me want to defenestrate tables for others

oh right

☞ i wrote some more!! project is going pretty slow still but…… i'm hoping it'll pick up…

☞ update to ArchiveStyle to handle empty chapter headings <>

☞ i published a mixtape of uplifting/revolutionary music for listening to while you're at home <>

☞ Last week i had some rough interpersonal stuff happen so i wasnʼt as productive as normal, but thatʼs okay!!

☞ I did do some work on my alternate English orthography and created a keyboard layout for it

☞ I also brainstormed maybe doing a fanfic for once

☞ iʼm continuing to come up with hard needless things to do and my script is fast approaching 100K characters. today itʼs “reimplementing arrays”. what will it be tomorrow?

☞ iʼm thinking i will maybe write a short “game” (not really) to demo this script once itʼs done, so iʼve begun pondering/working on that

☞ plus iʼve been trying to do more writing which ISNʼT related to this project in particular, aka of an old fanfic oneshot idea iʼve had since January before this all began

☞ last week i finally finished a hard thing i was working on which will be of no interest to anybody but which is a component of a larger thing which may be of interest to like, five people

☞ i also wrote a short script for a website thing but you canʼt see it yet

☞ and i had an old friend reach out to me out of the blue, and we caught up on each otherʼs lives, and might start nerding out about niche data communication things together in the future

☞ for the month of february i am writing a (public) letter every day; archives:

☞ yesterday i made a weird/ambient playlist of tracks; listen:

☞ last friday i updated my website to look like less of a horrific mess; url:

☞ for the past month i've been building a software for writing tiny digital encyclopædias; itʼs over 67K characters now and still not yet usable

Elekk: Gameing and Other Delightful Pursuits

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