«  I get misgendered every time I leave the house, and sometimes without even. I haven't had gainful employment in years and have maybe a year and a half before I lose health insurance. I'm recovering from a shitty, manipulative relationship and my home life isn't all that great either.

And yet somehow I still manage to be more sensitive and compassionate and a better role model than like 95% of the people here. @ me when you can match me, comrade. »

man i was livid in 2018 huh

yep iʼm just leaning allllll the way into this Animal Crossing aesthetic now

– I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about . This account is so that I can also spend an inordinate amount of time posting about Zelda, also. That's about it, really. Sometimes I write .

If you liked but wished it was gayer and had more Zelda, might I recommend this (which I did not write) to start out the new year: archiveofourown.org/works/1504

Elekk: Gameing and Other Delightful Pursuits

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