today (yesterday) in OTHER news, i started publishing the smutfic iʼm working on to !!

i created this account in January ʼ20, which means this is probably the first time iʼve posted my own here!!

warning 1️⃣: this is a smutfic. that means it has sex in it.

warning 2️⃣: this is a Metroid: Other M fic. it may not sit well with folks who have strong opinions about MOM.

warning 3️⃣: be advised that my writing style is very ideolectic and not for everyone!!

if you like terribly base pulp romances, i was recently horribly eviscerated by this : <>

CONCEPT: Princess is driving towards her cabin for Midwinter and manages to get her car stuck in a snowbank. By chance, Link shows up to help. They haven't seen each other in a year. He's even hotter than she remembers.

– I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about . This account is so that I can also spend an inordinate amount of time posting about Zelda, also. That's about it, really. Sometimes I write .

If you liked but wished it was gayer and had more Zelda, might I recommend this (which I did not write) to start out the new year:

Elekk: Gameing and Other Delightful Pursuits

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