the other problem with making a habit of writing like this is that although ※i※ know that this says « Westley’s boring adaptation of the Mario and Luigi franchise » i worry that it has become basically impenetrable to anyone else

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on a scale of 7–10 how bad of an idea is it to do an entire draft like this

hey at least i don’t look like a tech nerd this time


weird to see me using angle brackets in middle school in the exact same way that i would probably use them now

was texting a college friend debating my relative witchiness and they sent me this photo of me from when i was in college so i think i’m obligated to post it here now

Who Is This Goth Girl And Why Did I Draw Her On The Back Of Sheet Music To Clock Town Day 3

man i love those feels when i’m going through old papers and i hit something like this

penmanship is important y’all

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