for a universe which is so focused on music, zelda seems to have very little in terms of lyrical content

ballad of the wind fish and ballad of the goddess have SIMILAR ENOUGH metre that it is making me wonder if there is some japanese ballad form that it is based off of which i just don't know

they seem fundamentally based in cretic dimeter which was apparently popular in english renaissance songs, according to wikipedia

but they aren't consistent; the first half of the line is highly variable and the second half is frequently replaced with a spondee


ballad of the wind fish for example is
_ . _ / _ . _
. _ . / _ _
_ . _ / _ . _
_ . _

ballad of the goddess is something like

_ / _ . _
_ _ / _ _
_ / _ _
_ . _ / _ _

so we might just say that every line ends with a cretic or spondee, and the beginning of lines 1 and 3 must match in metre

definitely the last line of successive verses must rhyme; ballad of the goddess is AAAB CCCB and ballad of the wind fish is ABCD EFGD

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