y’all are the reason i say “fuck it; i’m queer”

i mean i also say i’m a lesbian but the same argument applies

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if you reply to this toot trying to convince me a lesbian flag exists i will just assume you don’t know what a lesbian is

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@jellyfish_link i don’t follow what you mean by this toot or the previous?

@kindle mastodon is currently having a discourse about the design of the trans flag which in the context of trans justice issues is like the most microscopic thing but thanks to certain non-comrade white folk it’s the one everyone is latching onto

lesbians have never had a flag design which everyone was satisfied with because lesbianism is an extremely diverse identity category which encompasses all sorts for different reasons and no flag could possibly represent them all

i am much more apt to say that i am queer or lesbian than i am to say that i am trans because of this sort of bullshit

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