@WagonStar I would actually take this considering how hetero his existence is. It'd be quite the twist

Also the big alien guy read as bi to me. But also he's an alien so who fuckin knows?

If they actually did it on screen, I could see that. As a "he was bi the whole time" thing, I'd be more upset than if they went with something predictable like Carol.


@WagonStar @eightbitsamurai Was Valkyrie supposed to have a scene in Thor: Ragnarok or something? It'll probably just be that.

@ishiku @WagonStar yeah she was but also the russos seem intent on destroying every good thing about Thor Ragnarok so who knows if they'll commit

They're just salty that they didn't make as good of a Thor movie.

Because Ragnarok was a gift.
@ishiku @WagonStar

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