i don’t want to be professional online. hell i don’t even want to be professional at work

respectful? definitely. professional? absolutely not

this is just totally off the dome but i feel like the idea of being "professional" is really just another conceit to alienate laborers from each other. you can connect genuinely with other people while still being respectful of their needs, both personally and to get a job done


perhaps some day that's what "professional" did mean, but it sure doesn't feel that way now

take, for instance, the idea that it's "unprofessional" to talk about pay rate with your coworkers. the reason cited is because it might make coworkers feel bad that their incomes are different despite doing the same work. that's kind of a deflection making talking about pay rate the fault of the employee, rather than observing that lack of equitable pay is the fault of the employer.

granted, there are of course people who think they deserve to be making more money than others, but that's kind of a whole other complicating
set of issues based on other lies capitalism tells us rather than making the deflection-of-fault problem irrelevant

fediverse is the place where i can write micro essays nobody will read so that i can get that shot of dopamine that writing good essays gave me in school

@hoppet I honestly never thought I would miss writing papers until I graduated and now I have all these thoughts all the fuckin time and no 8-page assignment to shoehorn them into

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