mastodon is great because you can be friends with a vampire, a mouse, several bunnies, and giant glaceons. and even an eel-or-something from japan

i'm sweating because this post has ten boosts

@hoppet lol₍₍⁽⁽🐟₎₎⁾⁾✨

₍₍:nyorori:⁾⁾← an eel-or-something✨

@sakasato look i don't know what kind of creature that is specifically XD

@leptoceph @hoppet aaaaaaa, my icon is exactly that eel~!🐟💦

But, nyorori is electronic eel-or-something of fish living in fediverse TL~₍₍:nyorori:⁾⁾✨
It’s a mysterious fish~( 〜꒪⌓꒪)〜✨₍₍:nyorori:⁾⁾

@RazyDazzle @hoppet Of course, and can't forget any other kinds of devils either

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