so i did a bunch of research and found out about hugo which im gonna use now

That's it, I've had it.
* takes down the ozone layer *

If nobody got me
I know the free giraffeacademy template used for this course got me

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without capitalism videogames would be better

"Well we don't want randoms walking in and ogling our discussions" ya but then make the dev discussions public and make the heart to heart channels hidden or whatever...

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aye im here to search the discord to see if there's someone with my problem because all the discussions are on the discords these days. So that's why I'm here, for the search box.

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discord servers that demand u introduce yourself before gaining access is the worst!!! I'm an asocial lurker! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Weapon: Charge Mechguns: A type of weapon that lets you use money as ammunition.

Game: Phantasy star online v2

Last night I was up extremely late waiting on someone to get home and call me and I got really grumpy while trying to do something in the interim. Anyway I got the call, jumped into bed and slept.

So I'm all right now.

It's late and im feeling cruddy, I'm sorry everyone.

The best we got is wordpress.

that's the best we got.

christ fuck the internet.

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Really wish I knew programming right now... the reason the web sucks isn't just because big companies own everything. It's because all the tools to make your own website fucking blow eggs.

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Sorry, I'm raging. I will conduct myself a bit better.

But how come there's not just like a little program I can run to make html templates with sensible options for "macros".

I'll be frank, if TWINE had image support it'd be my html editor of choice.

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Computing today has no empathy. It's selfish and cold! Every time I try to find something it gives me another gutpunch of "Just install these libraries" that are years outdated and is probably dependant on libraries either just as outdated, nonexistant or have moved on being incompatible.

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how about a program where I can graphically edit a website and have a little "Next page - Previous Page" thingy at the bottom of the current page.

Uttterly impossible sequential pages like that requires 12 computer degrees, npm, js, docker, ruby, you name it, it is in the shit stack.

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making custom docker containers is not easy or fun.

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every x months or so I try to wrap my head around static site generation and get INCREDIBLY PISSED OFF because how the fuck is this not easy.

Actually I just won't use anything that calls itself blazingly fast. eff off.

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If I see "blazingly fast" one more time

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