im gonna make a thread of games that are on sale rn that yall should maybe get and maybe even play with me

Duck Game
$12.99 -> $7.79

Very fast paced multiplayer game, kinda like if Smash Bros had the pacing of WarioWare


Tabletop Simulator
$19.99 -> $9.99

It's pretty much just a physics engine that has Steam Workshop support, and people have uploaded nearly every board game to it (and also some things that aren't board games but are just super neat, like horse betting)

Lethal League Blaze
$19.99 -> $13.99

This game whips ass. It's a fighting game where you hit a ball into the other person. Tbh, just watch some gameplay, and if you think it looks neat, then, hell yeah, get it

Bloons TD 6
$9.99 -> $1.99

This really is one of the best (maybe even *the* best) tower defense games. Even though the older Bloons TD games were free, this one is definitely worth paying for just because of how much stuff is in it. It also has co-op and daily challenges

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed
$19.99 -> $4.99

Of all of the kart racers that I've played on PC, this is my favorite one. Tbh, it's in my top 3 favorite kart racers, along with Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8. Also, the guest characters are epic: Danica Patrick, Wreck-It Ralph, and Team Fortress

Tekken 7
$39.99 -> $5.99
(Ultimate Edition) $89.99 -> $17.99

Tekken whips ass, easily one of my favorite fighting games, and this is the 7th Tekken

@geet Hello! I'm a huge fan of TTS and always trying to find more people to play it with!! I run a mostly empty Discord server but I'd always join yours if you wanted me to? Figured I'd send this message out first and see if you were interested first.

I've seen you around Masto for a while but I think your avatar always scared me a little.

@The_T lmao its all good. and yeah if you wanna join my discord server then feel free to do that

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