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(or reintroduction?)

I just switched instance! I was, which will have a few more posts for anyone to identify me from in this current moment

I came to because I'm into games (particularly indies, RPGs, and tactics games), but I am in no way immune to cat pictures or nonsense posting about my day

other than games, I write, I play tabletop games, and I very occasionally look at trees like this one

spiders (nonsense post) 

just got up in the night and walked past one spider eating and another slap in the middle of the kitchen floor with the body language of a deer caught in the headlights (of my torch)

I know I'm anthropomorphising them but I absolutely felt like I'd rudely interrupted

I also would not want a giant walking in on me while I'm having a snack?

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On one hand: Target, corporate pink washing, only sell this stuff during Pride month, etc etc

On the other: Sappho mug!

On another hand: Sweet mother, I cannot do dishes/Slender Aphrodite has overcome me with live, laugh, longing

I keep making myself a list of Tasks and then doomscrolling instead which is the opposite of getting the tasks done and also, terrible

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there’s been some cute trans positive stickers in my area lately.

This one is a plain white sticker with “trans women enrich womanhood” handwritten on it. The sticker is on a shiny metal pole and there are office buildings lit up in the background.

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I love talking to my partner about Things because they studied Literature and I am just a Media Enthusiast Gremlin so I'm like "it's interesting how Dracula isn't really scary until the May 12 chapter because we're primed for the context of vampires being sexy-dangerous, or idiots, so it's leveraging the social threat (You Should Write Home Btw I'm Reading Your Post) that's sinister more than the lizard walking" and they're like "yes and let me tell you about how this puts Harker in the position of women in gothic literature :)"

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now that I have a PC that could run it (though saying that. it's absolutely massive for space, so... maybe hard drive considering) I might keep an eye out for a DLC sale bundle and gently wiggle my way back in

tragically for all my love of tiny indie games that do smart things I am not immune to the dopamine pings of the live service shooter, and I much prefer Destiny's Space Wizard flavourings to something that plays the military elements straighter

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I dropped off playing Destiny 2 when the DLC all came off Game Pass (which I maintain was a *weird* decision right before Witch Queen was going to come out, because it was asking new players to re-buy the DLC at a point where they'd be considering buying the new campaign for the first time) but there's a little bit of me that misses it

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I've remembered how my brain works and that the promise of a long term reward is vague and nebulous

so I'm buying myself stickers now

can't use 'em if I don't use the planner

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it is an undated planner that I first used in *2018*

so I will save the washi tape for if I remember to keep using it a little more consistently

but I *will* think about it


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day one of using a vertical planner again

it may all be good and functional

but I would like one thousand highlighters and/or some washi tape

For Reasons

some days are like. I am going to put on my socks with little cats on. as a treat.

I forgot to go to sleep so now I'm here to Boost Cats

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Nonbinary lesbians be like "hey do you wanna go on a date to the swamp/bog/marsh area"

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I fully do this when it's something I have a full-on phobia of, too

"oh no, a picture of [redacted], how did that get there?!"

well, maybe when I clicked 'see more' above the fuzzed out thumbnail below the content warning for [redacted],

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