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(or reintroduction?)

I just switched instance! I was, which will have a few more posts for anyone to identify me from in this current moment

I came to because I'm into games (particularly indies, RPGs, and tactics games), but I am in no way immune to cat pictures or nonsense posting about my day

other than games, I write, I play tabletop games, and I very occasionally look at trees like this one

a bunch of people are talking about Nier Automata on Another Website and I would love. to be in on that. but when I tried to play it it made me *horrendously* motion sick

I did see that it had a lot of in-depth camera controls so presumably I could wiggle it but I do not know. what wiggles would help.

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me: oh no, I think I've injured my thumb

also me: keeps stretching it across my phone in the Exact Same Way

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I've just realised that the active screen on my switch is a tiiiny bit smaller than the screen on my phone, and I don't know what to do with this information

like I have a controller that clips to my phone but I don't really use it much because it still Feels Small

like I wouldn't play Stardew Valley on my phone, but I would on my switch

I'm questioning everything I know

can anyone recommend good turn based games on mobile? the world's broadest category, I know, but obviously searching in the app store itself gets one million data mining apps with the vague skin of a game (or PC ports with really teeny tiny UI)

I think I'm listening to a recording of a holding beep because every like, 8 beeps, there's a tiny fabric rustle kinda noise

which, why,

god had to nerf me because if I could walk into the mountains at will I would never partake in society

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I cannot walk well. I cannot walk far. walking at all hurts. and I Yearn to do it *constantly*

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standing up too fast and nearly stacking it, and then thinking longingly about I Want To Hike is just. me in a nutshell.

I have just discovered that my phone will Stop Working next year because it uses 3G and I would like to reiterate that technology was a mistake,

I think the planner videos may have been a mistake, because now I'm concerned about Using My Planner Wrong when I. like the little system I have.

productivity YouTube is a trap, maybe

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I had an Overly Intense workday yesterday so today I am going to take it slightly lighter, and also watch planner videos, like a person with cool hobbies and a high-energy sense of fun

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I've had "I wish that I could wear hats" stick on my head for days now and it has finally been replaced

by another Brian David Gilbert song

Roasted Garlic Summer Sausage

for anyone not aware, the only lyrics are. roasted garlic summer sausage, over and over again

I wish for the hats back

me: I'm not actually usually sensitive to [work task that many people in the field dislike]

also me: but also on this occasion what if I put it off for like, four hours

I think having three posts in a row that are me modding stupid hats into dragon age: origins, talking about loving my partner, and then being annoyed at people being Wrong On The Internet might be my personality in a nutshell

I just need a picture of cats or trees in there, I think?

11pm is Thinking About Critical Analysis Hours

(it is always thinking about critical analysis hours)

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