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Can't think of a better way to introduce myself to this instance than by posting my game square. Metroid Zero Mission is the most recent addition.

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i want all my friends to know: if you reveal some day that you have bad taste in something i will still be your friend because i have bad taste in many things

Gungrave replay thoughts 

I got burned out by the other character modes in Gungrave Overdose and decided to give the original game another go. It became clear how much better and more fun the original is. This is the real "I wanna turn my brain off and be a big man who withstands gunfire and kicks ass" experience.

Unprompted self-conscious clarification 

Despite my anime pfp (of a trashy fanservicey series, at that) I don't hold any redpilled Gamer beliefs, such as, but not limited, sexism, homophobia, any flavor of anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment, or the idea that "SJWs" are anything but a caricature propagated by right-wing communities.

I'm just your everyday ace-aro leftist who happens to stan titty ninjas and I cannot stress that enough. Let's party.

A social battery but it's being able to binge several JRPGs in a few weeks then needing a long break

Earthbound progress 

This is the only 1/128 item that was still worth getting, as it's the only weapon in the game for Poo. Took me long enough to get it.

Just Earthbound madlad things 

In the brief section where you play as Jeff, the only way to make money is by selling bread rolls and cookies that enemies drop. If you do this enough, you can get a really good weapon for Ness early. Since I gave up my 1/128 run, I had to at least do this.

re: Earthbound 1/128 Drops Journey 

I forgot the PSI Caramel, but I realized that doing so many of these would drive me insane anyway. It's what burned me out a ways into my last attempt at playing Earthbound. I'm just gonna mosey on through the game at my own pace for now.

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re: Earthbound 1/128 Drops Journey 

Got my first 1/128 item, the Pizza from the Skate Punk. Thanks to the grinding that came with that, I get to use PSI Rockin a on Frank.

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Earthbound 1/128 Drops Journey 

Since I'm replaying Earthbound and enjoying every minute of it, I'm trying to tack on as many challenges as I can to this run, including the following:

-Getting every item that has a 1-in-128 drop rate
-Getting the T-rex bat early as Jeff by selling cookie drops
-Buying the $75,000 house

If I can think of any more, or if any of you have any more ideas, I'll do them as well, and will be posting every 1/128 drop in this thread. I love this game, and the more busywork I can do, the better.

Finally got a contract on a new house and it's in a beautiful spot in the mountains, so I'm gonna celebrate by replaying Earthbound.

Steam Deck thoughts 

The Steam Deck seems neat, but what I consider more exciting is the potential competition it could bring out in the handheld PC market, whether it's cheaper devices or more powerful ones.

I'm on the side of cheaper devices myself, because I'd rather play bigger, more graphically-intensive titles on my PC, but the idea of having a cheap tablet-sized handheld for emulators, indie games, and VNs, is really exciting.

Gungrave: Overdose was a really good time. I strongly recommend checking the Gungrave games if you ever want a quick, simple Big Man Shoots Bad Guys game. They're each only a few hours long.

re: I want shorter games 

That isn't to say that longer games don't have their place. It's just that I like having a choice between a meaty, story-rich RPG and a quick run-and-gun or hack-and-slash action game. Neither long games nor short games are bad, there are just a handful of ways to do them badly, but also plenty of examples of how they can be done well.

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I want games to be shorter and to take themselves less seriously and I mean it. I'll pay full price and everything.

I don't care if Gungrave GORE ends up being just another five-hour trudge-and-gun. It'll be a five-hour trudge-and-gun experience that I'll be gushing about for the next decade.

Gungrave Overdose has been a treat so far. It's everything I'd have dreamed of in middle school but didn't have access to at the time. We need more B-movie action games.

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magical girl squad but they're all 30–40 year old MILFs

Real gamer struggle that I've needed to vent 

I wish I could join a Senran Kagura community that isn't full of redpilled douchebags who cry about Sony's censorship policies. I understand that those complaints are legitimate, but I didn't join a Discord server to lament them; I joined because I wanted to talk about the games we already have, their characters, and everything else that this series has gotten so far.

I'd love it if Marvelous found another platform for their games, not just for the series' sake, but so I can join a Senran Kagura community and actually have some fun discussions.

re: Happy thoughts on a Youtube change 

I understand that any engagement, whether it's in the form of likes or dislikes, is good for a video, but the thought of people getting pissed off over something in the video was always a damper on my viewing experience.

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Happy thoughts on a Youtube change 

I really love how Youtube stopped showing dislikes on videos. I hated seeing a >2% dislike ratio on a video and spending the entire time guessing which take or gameplay moment pissed off a bunch of a kids.

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