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As a white cishet progressive, I like to think that my vocabulary is free of problematic terms, but if anyone ever catches me using a slur or otherwise unsavory language, please inform me so I can learn from my mistakes. Thanks in advance.

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Can't think of a better way to introduce myself to this instance than by posting my game square. Metroid Zero Mission is the most recent addition.

"Eevee is fluffy" - various people are saying this.

Big Agree that guinea pigs are extremely good and important. "What if potatoes were fluffy." an excellent question that was answered by guinea pigs

Oh, I made it a month without caffeine as of today. Still feeling a little sluggish, but it was totally worth it. I feel like a totally different person.

Ever spot a perfectly centered photo of a check in your camera roll and think "Damn I was tired that day"?

Listen, people can pretend like Covid is over all they want, but my family doc won't even remove his mask in the exam room and we're both fully vaxxed, so I'm taking that as confirmation that those people are wrong

January 6th hearings 

The January 6th hearings started out with the most compelling video footage taken of the attack. It takes the situation from being just one of the many dumb things that Trump has done, and cranks it up to the most horrifying attack on our country since 9/11.

I will continue to call low-spec mini laptops netbooks and none of you can stop me.

I've spent today playing through one of my childhood favorites. I don't care how easy it is, I just love how charming Mystic Quest can be with its weapons working on the world map, and damage sprites for enemies.

Wordle 348 5/6



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The headaches from caffeine withdrawal have finally subsided, and I haven't had one all day. I feel freaking amazing.

I finally went through the effort of purging all of my Facebook posts from before 2016. I only use the site to keep in touch with some rl friends, but I was seriously ashamed of the bullshit I would spout on that website before my edgy anti-SJW phase finally came to an end.

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Finally gonna see my new Nurse Practitioner today, and I'm gonna see about non-stimulant ADHD medication. Fingers crossed that we're able to figure out something good.

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This is my fifth day without any caffeine. The headaches are starting to subside, and I swear that even my eyesight has gotten better. The image on my phone and TV seem so much more crisp. I've still felt lethargic and haven't really done a lot in this time, but I'm feeling really optimistic for how I'll eventually feel. I've spent nearly the last two decades addicted to caffeine.

Where's the marketing exec who decided "We need our radio ads to feature realistic, fully textured crunch sounds for our food products"

I just want to talk.

I found Beast in Black through my Spotify playlist, and haven't looked back. Listening to them put Dynazty and Metalite into my playlist, and I'm starting to get the hint. Eurobeat-infused power metal is my new favorite thing.

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