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[Quotes I post that include spoilers for recent patches will have the spoiler text formatted in Base64. If you don't have access to a converter, you can use the website]

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[I shouldn't have to spell this out, but if you're boosting anything from this account because you agree with it, there's a pretty good chance that you're actually a dumbass.]

Providing a Chinese interface means just one thing. Hordes and hordes of Chinese players will storm the JP/EN data centers, and they will openly chat in Chinese using Shout and they will destroy the game environment.

My biggest complaint is when some game studios only use their own time zone, like "2pm PST"...

Where is PST? USA? China? Prussia?

Your basically saying if attracted to anything small means your a pedo so people arent allowed to love midgets

do people not leave the majority of their gil on their retainers at all times

Being a completitionist in a MMORPG with limited inventory space? Why do you hate yourself?

No wonder people can't relate when there's literally 2 roegadyn with certain relevance in the MSQ even and one dies as soon as you meet her.

I think they delayed the game a month because of the FF7 Remake Demo Leaks on Youtube.

The only difference between Marche and Emet Selch is that we're not playing as an Ascian.

This [suggestion to go join a Japanese server if you like the community better] right here is honestly why our country won't survive.

Those of your males that play female what is the actual reason

Have the opinion that healers should only heal in this community is like saying, "The holocaust didn't happen", in a synagogue.

the problem is that this community is casual and proud. imagine being proud of being bad.

theres nothing self entitled about owning a house. The self entitlement comes from people who want what someone else has and expect people to lose there house just so they can have a chance at one themselves.

Never use "mmorpg" while talking about FFXIV because it only pretends to be a mmorpg since it happens to be online

How about a fancy dungeon clear screen with visible letter grades assigned to each player that corresponds to how well they did

If someone can present me with a convincing explanation of how G'raha Tia's actions are different from the Ascians, I'll be happy to accept it.

sure [SE] can't 'prevent' someone from reading memory information. Do I need to link you to the ToS? It goes over this very specific topic.

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