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[Quotes I post that include spoilers for recent patches will have the spoiler text formatted in Base64. If you don't have access to a converter, you can use the website]

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[I shouldn't have to spell this out, but if you're boosting anything from this account because you agree with it, there's a pretty good chance that you're actually a dumbass.]

[Square Enix] also said I would become a Warrior of Darkness. They did a lot of creative marketing with this expansion.

Why are [MMOs that lock classes behind gender or race] not good because of that? It's part of the immersion/roleplay factor.

Thankfully my miqo'te is spared this fate since most of his glams can be described as "you look like a barbarian" - which seems to be rare in "Pretty People with Depression 14"

There has to be a better way to do the Binding coil than to just get an unsynced party...a: binding coil isn't in any roulette, and b: no one wants to do binding coil synced. What's wrong with trying to do content as intended?

You can virtue signal that I'm terrible for being apathetic toward AFKers and leechers or people disconnecting just to try to make it faster, but it's not going to change my mind.

Stop trying to normalize mental illness in the anime video game please and thank you.

SE is selfish and doens't want ot share revenue with spotify while the hyper for the OST is there, it's textbook vulture behavior on their part to squeeze out every cent they can before actually doing something mutual.

At this point when I queue healer into dungeons, if it's a low level dungeon I'll pull the extra mobs myself, or I just rescue the tank into further mobs.

For a while I had a thing for The Elder Seedseer. I practically have a shrine for her in my private chambers in my FC house :P.

Or maybe Shinryu was difficult and people weren't just lazy. Prove me wrong.

Square enix said themselves they wished they had never made summoner/ scholar as a dual class. So they have slowly broken the summoner so people will stop playing it.

There were no hallways in 1.0 like every dungeon in 2.1 and on has been

Since finishing shadowbringers I have also been thinking how it is loosely implied and hinted that vana’diel is potentially one of the 13 shards.

I'd pay 1000/month to play this game with fewer bots, hands down.

...not an exaggeration. I am 100% completely honest on that.

The game already is "P2W." You can buy fully leveled characters and quest completions. It doesn't get any more P2W than that.

I use the internet to learn stuff. I guess you don’t?

Dont be like me and take your time. Dont read quests, craft or watch cinematics. Straight up level level level. Get to dungeon level and do nothing but level before your new character xp buff goes away at 90 days.

I'm just the littlest bit salty that what is essentially the First's version of a chocobo is locked behind getting all DoW and DoM classes to level 80. Shouldn't it be a little easier for us to get?

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