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anyways i'm just always thinking about my good oc yehn

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tried to watch a bunch of these blender vids but my brain is melting it’s time to break i think

i should draw yehn in different clothes so that ppl have Choices aldjf

i found all the aether currents in the ruby sea, a set of ananta quests, and an extra turtle quest

then i got punted into dzemael darkhold

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leveling dps queue: ur 33rd in line better find smth to do

i want the armor you can trade pvp items for but i dont wanna,

everyone playing cute gorls....

it’s ok yehn is cute boye enough to balance it out

Elegant Shoji Lamps from Your 3D Printer

The gorgeous Shoji-style lamps you’re seeing here aren’t made of wood or paper. Beyond the LEDs illuminating them from within, the lamps are completely 3D printed. There aren’t any fasteners or glue holding them …

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whenever jim sterling posts a vid i outloud "tear em apart!!!"

get so mega good at art that ayami kojiima commissions me to draw alucard

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plan get mega rich and get ayami kojima to draw sexy drk yehn

tank has too many mitigations.... my clean crossbars, please

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