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Kind reminder and warning beforehand for everyone in the near future:

If you found my pictures online (used to be an e girl and post nudes and teases on other places), please don't contact me and gush over it or accuse me of being a catfish (I use a different username now)

I know about how someone decided to document my pictures and credited my old username back then, but I quit being an e girl eventually for a reason, so I just want to post teases every now and then for funsies, don't take that away from me by doxxing me, else I would have to stop posting nsfw pictures

Thank you for your understanding :ablobblewobble:

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🎵I don't care if I know🎵
🎵Just where I will go🎵
🎵'Cause all that I need's this crazy feeling🎵
🎵A rat-tat-tat on my heart🎵

🎵Think I want it to stay🎵

🎵City of stars🎵
🎵Are you shining just for me?🎵
🎵City of stars🎵

🎵You never shined so brightly🎵

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I really, honest to god suck at bios but here we go I guess.

I'm known as C (or Saturn, or whatever alias I adopted over the years), and I'm 20/F (she/her pronouns). I'm a 2nd year university student in the UK but I am originally from Asia, did my high school in Portugal too so I know 4 languages in total.

I'm bi but I'm honestly really fucking gay, that's about it for my sexuality. I'm also rather liberal (Liberal in this context means I flirt a lot, innocently and unintentionally, and dont really mind who sees my pics even if they show off my body when I had a good one).

Heck I'm a former e-girl. I posted lewds before for monies on OF as a coping mechanism when I was still young and stupid 2 years ago, but here I am now, dropping it after a year and living a quiet life (though I'm mildly debating on making an alt for this purpose...)

I like video games, to be specific mobas/rts/fps games and I like reading my fair share of books and fanfics. Also a bit of a pervert but err... you lot don't need to know that do you.

If I did like your post or choose to leave comments it's probably because your post piqued my interest or I just want to interact with you and be friends.

Mainly looking to make friends, hmu if you wanna talk (or mildly flirt, I love the flattery and teasing).

:ACNH_Bashfulness: :ACNH_Flourish:

Since I'm 21, might as well as change my username to reflect the fact that I decided to review my actual name too :ACNH_Bashfulness: :ablobblewobble:

Cw: Nsfw, lots o cleavage 

It's my birthday today :ACNH_Flourish: Finally 21 now :ACNH_Bashfulness:

Anyways as mentioned and somewhat promised before here is a tease of me in revealing clothing :blobwink:

Now feed me favourites and boosts and happy birthday wishes :blobtonguewink: Love you all <3

The end is near :ablobblewobble: Last push until I hit my goal of 6k trophies :ACNH_Bashfulness:

Progress: 5550/6000 (+532 trophies)

do you ever think about how its impossible for you to have a healthy friendship or any sort of relationship with a man in your entire life


me thinks mastodon is worse than twitter about handling harassment because the admins of large instances have time and time again shown that they should not be in charge of such large user bases and even instigate harassment themselves. how many times have they gone off-site and started harassing POC that have been chased away from mastodon already? so fucking gross

what *does* the fox say? 

i'm sleepy and gay; pet me uwu

stardew valley mods, long post, lots of links 

Here are all the mods I'm using right now (not all of them are in the screenshots tho!) They're all Nexus mods so they should be somewhat easy to install??? At least they were for me and I'm a dummie LOL...

:stardrop: Base Mods (To make sure the rest of the mods work LOL)

• Content Patcher:
• More Grass:
• Vintage Interface Multipack (for a prettier GUI!):
• Generic Mod Config Menu (for convenience):

:stardew_diamond: Color Mod

• Vibrant Pastoral Recolor:

:stardew_starfruit: Nature Mods

• Better Water:
• Wildflower Grass Field:
• Stardew Foliage Redone (Foliage Only):

:stardew_barn: Building Mods

• Medival Buildings:
• Seasonal Path & Floring:
• Seasonal Fences:

:stardew_chicken: Villager & Mob Mods

• Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Villagers:
• Elle's Critter & Butterflies:
• Elle's Barn Animals:
• Elle's Coop Animals:
• Elle's Horses:

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I need to slap my own face to remind myself that I need to select the dm function cuz at this rate I kept sending my dms to the public and everyone could see them wtf

Permanent suspension of @realdonaldtrump

After close review of recent Tweets from the @realdonaldtrump account and the context around them — specifically how they are being received and interpreted on and off Twitter — we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.

#Trump #Twitter #Finally

It's a boring night where and how do I find entertainment here :ACNH_Bashfulness:

Cw: Drama ig 

Jade/Jolteon left and deleted her account :ACNH_Sorrow: If you wanna know what happened hmu, but will definitely miss her here on Mastodon/Elekk

I miss my exes sometimes :blobcatcomftears: Wonder how they're doing rn


you ever get lonely and just pull your own hair? me too

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