cw: food (drink) mention, sleep issues 

Peppermint tea has been procured, but I’m still here and the sun is up

Again, awkward af

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cw: food (drink) mention, sleep issues 

I ran out of peppermint tea, which hoses my sleep routine, and so now my circadian rhythm has migrated all the way to the other side of the world

This is slightly awkward

using a massage cane // cw body being a little disturbing 

Dear massage cane, when you cause the shoulder to make the snappy noise, could you please actually go on to relax the shoulder instead of just more THUNK THUNK THUNK please super please kthx

food + OTC meds mention in a historical/advertising context 

right now I’m looking at a thumbnail for “pizza in a skillet,” which does not look like any kind of pizza prepared in a skillet

freeze-dried decaf coffees are discussed like they’re short rib braised in oatmeal stout or the like. Who has these conversations

this is vaguely comforting in a “late night noise from the living room when I’m trying to sleep” sort of way, but I’m old and still awake at ten to sunrise or something

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food + OTC meds mention in a historical/advertising context 

watching vintage US commercials ripped from old VHS is some kind of an experience

I keep finding the ones with nigh-unto-magical OTC nighttime cough remedies or painkillers. It’d be years til they got round to adjusting how those ads were regulated, so I don’t know what was in the obscure ones. In a couple of cases, neither does the Internet

there are also some remarkable foodstuffs, by which I doubt I mean good

filled out the profile so that I’m not completely opaque to others. Still kinda bad at Interactions, but wanna play.

food mention / ACNH but unrelated to food / mh(-) 

It’s probably not good that I just reread this and thought, “maybe I can bribe myself with chocolate pancakes in order to get my island into a space where people can visit”

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I always ALWAYS screw up boost on Toot because the confirm animation makes me want to touch it to make the boost stop, not touch it to continue the boost.

Should maybe stick something in profile all “everything goes weird when I have a drink in my dominant hand and scroll with the other”

food mention / ACNH but unrelated to food / mh(-) 

the chocolate pancakes were better than they had any right to be. hot tip: couple pinches extra salt in the batter

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food mention / ACNH but unrelated to food / mh(-) 

World is terrible, things are terrible, ACNH is messing with my neurons in dubious ways, time for chocolate pancakes

acnh-adjacent frustration 

It kind of reminds me of early on in New Leaf, when someone I was pals with at the time came over, having hit some absurd level of development in under a week, and started showing me what fish were worth :money:, how to grind event furniture

I felt like I should appreciate it at the time, and tried to, but it never felt the same since

(unlisted this chunk)

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acnh-adjacent frustration 

So I was really looking forward to Animal Crossing, and am playing it, and love it.

But I wasn’t expecting the entire world around me to blow past me so fast that it feels like I have to grind past all the fun stuff just to catch up and have people over to my island. I still only have one star and haphazard trees, for example.

Yeah, I know I don’t *have* to spend all my free time on it, but the vibes are so weird.

Twitch/TTV/Roku stuff 

me: it’s okay, I have other ways to watch Twitch than a Roku, they just require a small amount of effort

animal crossing // silly guilt over buying a game 

Dug out enough gift credit to get a digital copy of ACNH and feeling like I should have spent that on Something Practical

I keep having to remind myself that Animal Crossing is VERY PRACTICAL because the last time I had Problems it helped save me

Also it’s going to take forever not to write it as ACNL

sometimes I doubt my ability to play phone games, only to spend two hours in a shop’s app optimizing my cart/coupon stack for maximum gift card generation

Introduction shortly! Still in setup mode. Games: Animal Crossing and Pokémon, mostly. She/they, tired a lot, shy.

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