trying to enjoy my life as a black dude but i'm always two steps away from getting transformed into a marketable toon creature so the international market can accept me

Complete aside, please ignore 

@eightbitsamurai never seen princess and the frog before and while I completely agree with your point, that's also a really cute frog design

Complete aside, please ignore 

@WagonStar it's honestly not even the worst part of the movie but the easiest to explain visually

The fact that she's a poor lady that "always needs to work" and gets pitied by a wealthy white family lists higher for me lol

@eightbitsamurai Spider-Verse 2 starts with Miles being turned into an actual spider

@eightbitsamurai wow, that hadn't occurred to me before; it's one of those things that seem innocuous because we're all just kind of used to the latent racism ...

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