Kojima has the benefit of working in an industry that has no regard for artistic value and game mechanics that are mechanically interesting enough to have you keep playing despite everything else being bad.

The movie industry will tear his work apart.

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that's literally not how any of this works but go off Koji baby

Me after making some bomb-ass waffles: i am going to become a surgeon.

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im still cackling at this bc who said you even did the videogame thing well??? :thinkmint:

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@eightbitsamurai oh gods his movies are going to be such massive money sinks and take so long to make

@eightbitsamurai im sure theyre gonna be like

kinda okay

but kojima is

SO bad at like...actually effectively using resources

@eightbitsamurai I was on my phone when I saw this but ran to the laptop just so I could post this reaction gif.

@eightbitsamurai this is why I hire the folks who work at CERN to repair my water heater

@eightbitsamurai but I mean let's be honest with the metal gear games could Jima was making films so yeah he is experienced
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