People act like protests don't work when my home country literally toppled its shitty government by doing that exact thing.

Like i know most people don't know this because they weren't paying attention but protesting works

@eightbitsamurai I think maybe I'm missing a step somewhere?
Like, it seems pretty obvious to me that no amount of sign waving and slogan chanting is going to make the powers that be give up or stop abusing that power on its own

@Tetra @eightbitsamurai think of it as practice, real successful protests need more turnout than the ones I've been to.

@Tetra @eightbitsamurai Interestingly, there have been studies on the topic of "when do nonviolent protests cause revolutionary change in a government?" The answer is "when 3.5% or more of the country's total population participates in person in protests."

That doesn't mean there are no other factors happening in parallel, but it is clear that violence is not a requirement for revolutionary change. And strongly suggests protests matter.

@eightbitsamurai to add to that: whatever else has or has not been achieved, hk still hasn't enacted that extradition bill

@eightbitsamurai we’re just scared of paramilitary police armaments 😬

@geske @eightbitsamurai yes, tbh i am very afraid of going to demonstations of any sort now because i am concerned that i will be detained, denied my medications, and die from seizures

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