God the comments saying Indivisible is too short at 30 fucking long do games have to be. At this point the only games that I'll put more than 30 hours into are ones by Yoko Taro, Dragon Quests, and multiplayer shit. Everything else is just overstaying its welcome.

Game devs. I promise you. The gamers are wrong. Your gameplay loop is not fun enough to hold up for 50+ hours.

@eightbitsamurai Christ if a game is over 10 hours I'm over it nowadays

@WagonStar for fucking real, I got shit to do and hell even other games to play!! It's almost always useless padding to make the game ten times longer than it needs to be.

@eightbitsamurai Wow they're still trying to quantify value using play time rather than, you know, actual enjoyment?

@eightbitsamurai i was just writing a script for a video about this in relation to horror games and how from amnesia to re2 ppl have been complaining about them being 2 short yet being 2long is absolutely the worst thing for horror

the content = dollar ratio gamers got into their heads poisoned their fuckin brains

@SoftHollow @eightbitsamurai you're not wrong! it's right up there with everything else that poisons gamer brains

@eightbitsamurai let's be real here. the new game i've enjoyed most this year is kitty horrorshow's "anatomy" ( and the gameplay loop on that one is like. 10 minutes front to back?

@eightbitsamurai play time is a matrix that is not widely applicable, they have to realise. Any game that’s longer than 10-15 hours is such a commitment these days that I have to pick carefully and plan a season or two of ‚free time’ around it. What about how long a game stays with you _after_ you finish it??

@eightbitsamurai that's actually way longer than I thought it was going to be

no wonder they had to rush a bunch of clean-up animators onto the project

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