where's the media about an apocalypse where everyone bands together and shares food and has a nice cookout before the fridges go out and looks out for each other

cynical "we'll turn on each other when the electricity goes" narratives are out.

positive "humans want to protect each other, it's in our nature" narratives are totally in

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@eightbitsamurai after the apocalypse we immediately turn to cannibalism and finally eat the rich

@eightbitsamurai And historically accurate. One of the last conventions I went to had a history panel titled something like, "The Last Times The Apocalypse Came" and discussed apocalyptic periods from the bronze age collapse through the worst of the plague years in Europe and a continuing refrain was essentially, "And no, you did not get Mad Max {time-period} Edition, surviving records show that while larger structures collapsed locally people pulled together."

@eightbitsamurai You could tell the one panelist who was iirc working on a doctorate with historical apocalyptic events as a focus of her research was actually quite annoyed by the, "And then everyone turns on each other in an orgy of self-dooming destruction," trope. (I kind of wonder if she suggested the panel given that it was more or less the subject of her work)

@eightbitsamurai Girls' Last Tour is probably the closest thing I can think of off the top of my head.

@adamk678 @eightbitsamurai Even the immediate events are kicked off by what doesn't seem to be a very pleasant gathering

@eightbitsamurai i just heard about this kickstarter comics anthology that sounds exactly like what you just described:

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