i could stare at lab-grown bismuth crystals for hours, it's so cool

@eightbitsamurai bismuth is the shit

also it's the bi element, and it's associated w/ Kat from Gunnerkrigg Court

@eightbitsamurai I have some of that, you really should not touch it.

@Vexatos o really? porque? (this isn't me, it's a listing on ebay)

@eightbitsamurai Well, it is a heavy metal. It's one of the less toxic ones, but it'll still accumulate in your body.

@eightbitsamurai oh my goodness yes.

I always thought a lot of Bismuth looks Escher-esque


@eightbitsamurai Oh, no, the Eldrazi have invaded!

@eightbitsamurai bismuth is like... *windows 95 graphics glitching causing the entire screen to tile endlessly* but as a type of rock

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