Hey if you ever believed that bullshit about Will Smith doing a good job in the scene in Fresh Prince about his dad because his IRL dad left him that's a total garbage lie. It's perpetuated by the belief that

1. Black men are bad fathers

2. Black people can't act well unless it's torture porn biography shit

So here's a pic of him with his dad.

This always bothers me and i just saw it again so i had to talk about it

@eightbitsamurai This recontextualizes the meta-scene entirely! Smith's reaction was visceral likely because he was thinking *what if* his life's situation was as tragic as his character's? It'd clearly be enough to make anyone cry.

@eightbitsamurai I honestly didn't know anything about Will Smith's family life but I thought the whole anecdote just sounded... off, in some way, plus the way everyone always portrays it as some sort of positive thing that was somehow more meaningful? than him being a damn good actor?? so I'm REALLY happy to see it is in fact total bullshit.

@eightbitsamurai Sitcoms played such a weird role in forming stereotypes... I still have to remember that John Goodman is not actually married to Roseanne Barr

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