Alb is a programming language created entirely in arabic, built to "[highlight] cultural biases of computer science and [challenge] the assumptions we make about programming."

it is a tree-walking interpreter in JavaScript. you can watch its creator talk about the language in the vid below

"Alb" means heart in Arabic. it's also a recursive acronym in arabic for "Qlb, a programming language"

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@efi @nasser oh i had no idea they're on fedi that's awesome 👏🏾

@eightbitsamurai @efi hello! 👋 I am about to give a talk on it in a few hours actually!

@nasser @eightbitsamurai @efi this is revolutionary and very cool. One of those things that always sits at the back of my mind but never really gets a chance to surface.

@eightbitsamurai As a native Arabic, I never even noticed that programming in Arabic could be possible if English were not the dominant lingua franca of the internet. This is so fascinating!

@eightbitsamurai ....there are about a dozen programming languages in Arabic, someone creates a new one every few years.

Like, couldn't someone check the wikipedia list of non-English based programming languages and work to promote one of them into a viable alternative?

@Canageek @eightbitsamurai If only it were so simple...

I don't know about Arabic, but I've been following Russian-based programming languages. And it's not as simple.

The only viable Russian-based language is 1C, which is commercial, and might get you into a legal trouble if you re-implement it.

Most (at least the ones listed in the Wikipedia's list) don't work with modern systems, and need to be re-created. Some others (Glagol) are created by hateful nationalists, so it's better not to touch them.

I assume it's as hard for Arabic.

@lime @eightbitsamurai when I looked there was at least two or three created within the past 5 years all for teaching purposes, though it is quite likely that it's a similar situation with the older ones on the list

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