did u kno that the symbols for the Playstation controller are not arbitrary? according to Teiyu Goto, the designer behind the controller, they each have meaning:

Triangle: Viewpoint
Square: Documents, Menus
Circle: Yes
X: No (this didn't catch on in the west because of the colors of the buttons, which Goto acknowledges)

an unsubstantiated theory that i always heard about the controller that has never been confirmed is that each symbol is based on the number of lines to make it

Circle: 1
X: 2
Triangle: 3
Square: 4

i like this conceptually as well, but knowing what goto was going for really makes games make sense in their design retroactively, like pressing triangle to go into first person as spyro and whatnot

@eightbitsamurai oh so this is why circle was yes in Japanese only games on the PSP (I used to play a lot of Gundam versus games in high school)

@staticsafe @eightbitsamurai

I have seen O and X used as yes/good and no/bad bullet point markers in instructions for Japanese electronics and camera equipment from late 1970s onwards, although the colours on the controller also conflict with just about every other UI including other Japanese equipment (cameras, car dashboards etc)

@eightbitsamurai kind of reminds me of the first few Assassin's Creed, where triangle was your head, square and circle were your hands, and x was your feet

@eightbitsamurai My take on the button thing is circle is where A is on the SNES controller, but Super Mario World taught me from a young age to think of where X and square are as being more like A and B on the NES and N64 controllers.

So jump being yes and attack being no always made way more sense to me.

@eightbitsamurai also whenever a NES port mapped A and B directly to A and B on a SNES layout it always fucks me up.

B shouldn't angle down from A! My thumb angles up!

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