LB i guarantee a lot of y'all aren't getting the proper hydration and you just can't tell. it's like me when i started using my CPAP and realized i was only getting half the sleep i'm supposed to.

try this on a weekend: drink the recommended amount of water one day. maybe even a little more since it's summer. then the day after, go back to how much water you usually drink.

the third day you'll feel the difference and realize that you've been living a lie your whole life

@eightbitsamurai the only downside is that you WILL become a piss elemental, constantly needing to go to the bathroom because your bladder is, somehow, full. yet again.

at that point you just say the extra steps to the bathroom are part of your new workout routine or some shit though

source: in georgia in the summer, if you aren't currently a piss elemental, you ARE dehydrated, absolutely, no exceptions. your two states are "currently needing a pee" and "dehydrated" no third option at all

possibly self harm, sarcasm 

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