Oh Nintendo just fucking surprised announced the Switch Lite lol

- Coming Sept 20th
- $200
- Not dockable
- an actual dpad????
- non-detachable Joy-Cons
- 20-30% better battery life (allegedly lol)
- no Labo
- no rumble

@eightbitsamurai This is kinda sort of bad. So many games are explicitly designed for detachable joycons and TV play.

I play a lot of games handheld, but the tv option is really valuable.

Yes it's $100 less, but that is a system without local multiplayer explicitly. Yes, it is truly a portable system, but in fragmentation really worth that?

@RC i guess u can like, use joycons to play those games, but that's $70 extra dollars, so why not just...get the original switch

i agree it's just gonna make things more complicated. some games just flat-out won't work with it either, apparently, which sounds like its internals are weaker as well

@eightbitsamurai I was thinking this might work for a child like the 2DS. But, I would not get this for my nephew.

I want him to be able to do multiplayer out of the box and Labo is a LOT of fun for him.

@RC @eightbitsamurai personally I’m psyched cuz my family is broke as fuck and that $100 makes a huge difference to us. The only games we’re looking forward to are Pokémon Sword/Shield and Animal Crossing New Horizon, which so far I don’t think will require motion controls. Plus, Nintendo claims identical performance and slightly improved battery, so I don’t see a downside.

@Sapphicgiraffic @RC @eightbitsamurai non-replaceable joysticks are a thing someone in my circles mentioned, because apparently nintendo has some reliability issues with the type used in the joycons

@jellypotato @RC @Sapphicgiraffic boy do they i had to buy a new pair after two years lol. i'd like to THINK if they've added a d-pad that they've made adjustments in other areas since it's a new joycon, but if i would wait because of that

@eightbitsamurai @jellypotato @RC well it releases in September and I wouldn’t need one until November at the earliest so hopefully I’ll have a minute to wait and see.

Personally I’m hopeful it will be fine.

@eightbitsamurai @RC @Sapphicgiraffic oof, now I'm worried. Do you play switch a lot? I go back and forth between my 10 or so different systems so I hope that joycon deterioration won't affect me (+ I have a pro controller for couch usage).

@jellypotato I do use my switch a lot but tbh I barely used my joy cons for more than a year I'd a switch pro controller with Xenoblade 2 but they still managed to break lol

@jellypotato @eightbitsamurai @Sapphicgiraffic I've had Joycon deterioration months after getting my switch, but I was playing nearly 1-2 hours a day.

My newer Joycons have held up better, but I've done more to help prevent deterioration (dusting more often, keeping the system in it's case when moving).

@Sapphicgiraffic @RC oh that's good, and yea there's def an audience here, i can also see this being a huge deal in Japan (who almost always play undocked since they're on trains and stuff all the time)

@Sapphicgiraffic @eightbitsamurai I'm totally not knocking that, but Nintendo could have done better is what I'm getting at.

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