my sister throwing on a pair of pants: Look! these are a size 9!

me: o...ok

my sister, throwing her pants off and putting on new ones that fit exactly the same: see these? these fuckers are a size 5!

me: oh. that's bad.

sis: yeah it's bad! welcome to women's fashion, where the suffering is real and the POINTS DON'T MATTER!!!

@eightbitsamurai fashion is bullshit, and I think even some stores are doing the same thing with men's pant sizes for vanity

@eightbitsamurai size numbers mean nothing. You have to know your measurements and play 'where is the size chart?'

@eightbitsamurai Aaand mens fashion has been sliding towards this over the course of this decade. Of course, the motivation is opposite, guys want to seem bigger so things labeled the same size skew smaller than they used to, but now this forces pretty much any guy over 160cm and and 50kg into big-and-tall size ranges, which of course have a hefty upcharge.

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