@eightbitsamurai I ended up switching to Gravit Designer from Ai. They have a yearly sub but it's much lower than Adobe's.

@c0debabe i really like the affinity suite but yeah, gravit's good too imo!

@eightbitsamurai yo I never knew about davinci resolve, I've been wanting an AE replacement for so long.

@eightbitsamurai don’t forget that the alternative to Adobe Flash is ToonBoom, the industry standard.

@eightbitsamurai the entire adobe create cloud suite can be pirated too uwu

@eightbitsamurai kinda sucks that as a freelancer I have to have the software my clients do, and their industry standard is Adobe -_-

@eightbitsamurai Au missing Ardour, which is way better than Audacity, and also Non, which is the most lightweight DAW in existence.
Ardour can also sync its timeline with Blender (which, btw, is still seriously underrated).

Pr missing Blender since it has a sequencer with a bunch of add-ons and a really fast workflow, and VapourSynth for a scripted and very powerful video processing pipeline.

@eightbitsamurai I don't even know what most of those abbreviations even are, other than Ps for Photoshop and maybe Ae = aftereffects. Which one is Acrobat?

@eightbitsamurai If moving off of Lightroom, know that Lightroom edits are not visible to Digikam, Darktable, or RawTherapee. Be sure to export them to another format (I chose .tiff and exported them to a directory on my desktop, which I'll import once I've moved over my library).

@eightbitsamurai I would put in sk1 as an alternative to Illustrator as well. Gets so little love... sk1project.net

How DARE you to own old software. Nobody thinks of Adobe :,(


One more in an ever-lengthening list of reasons him glad I moved my creative work to free software a long time ago.

@eightbitsamurai so does Adobe really provide a good thing or does it pull us all backwards?
I propose to burn it all to the ground and check (of course I speak figuratively here, calm down, officer)

Paint Tool SAI ftw.
The guy, who's coding it, is doing an awesome job and for 50 bucks you got an awesome paint tool.
In SAI2 he implemented all those missing features. Text edit, perspective ruler etc.
And it's lightweight.

@eightbitsamurai read that on another site yesterday. I honestly had to check the date to make sure we hadn't somehow rolled back to April Fools.

@eightbitsamurai meanwhile my students are discovering (once they can be convinced to switch) that darktable and gimp are actually in some ways more powerful than photoshop and lightroom.


...ironically this type of programs suddenly vanishing was the primary reason I started using FLOSS software.

@eightbitsamurai Yeah, I think I'll also migrate to another PDF reader before they pull that again.

@eightbitsamurai I read the article, and while its dumb, I don't think it's quite as dumb as it seems in first blush. This is just for their Creative Cloud products, which are all SaaS. You never owned a license for those you were just renting them. If you have an active subscription, you should be updated to the newest versions anyway. They're also not saying that Adobe will sue you if you continue using the programs, but Dolby might.

Still dumb though.

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