@eightbitsamurai oh no, unions cost money to operate?! better cancel all unions then

from the replies: "Counterpoint to workers - imagine all the videogames you could buy if you expropriated all your boss' wealth."

@feld @eightbitsamurai based on what i've asked of people i know who work at delta, it is.
@kurisu @eightbitsamurai @feld yes, but they include benefits like health insurance, so most of the costs go toward that.
@kaniini @eightbitsamurai @feld oh neat, makes sense . In that case I'd hardly count the whole amount as dues
@kaniini @kurisu @eightbitsamurai @feld And, if you're getting paid (assuming 40 hours/week, 52 weeks/yr) $0.34/hr more (whether through benefits or direct pay) as a result of your union membership, you're coming out ahead with the union.

@lain it's very real. they made a union-busting android app too

@eightbitsamurai when i was at the airport there was a sign that was like "80% of business fliers have buying power" or something along those lines and it threw me for a fuckin loop like what is this sign supposed to do? it's either literally displaying their marketing strategy to exploit business fliers, or it's trying to convince people te fly business class or i dont fuckin know

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