@eightbitsamurai I at least have hope Marvel will show it _on screen._ But yeah, please reveal it on screen not in a frickin' press interview first (or worst, after the fact, for a character that's already gone or something)

Also, it should totally be Carol Danvers. Her and Maria were clearly a thing. If Carol were male it wouldn't even be a question.

@Lexi @eightbitsamurai Theu could also be planning to introduce into the movies a character that's already canonically gay in the comics. And I think Valkyrie is bi in the comics? They could be (should be) making that explicit (not the porny meaning) on screen.


@benhamill @Lexi they said it's someone "we already know" so from a previous movie. And I guess it's going to be in a movie not a PR. But also they've done nothing for our trust so imma side eye it for a while

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