@eightbitsamurai Now that their movie series is totally finished and at no point are they going to express this on camera? :blobcatsurprised: Wow, that really is.

@eightbitsamurai I won't get too mad yet, mostly because the lesbian in me is desperatly hoping it will be carol danvers, but I know it will probably be a charecter that is dead, or appeared in two frames years ago

@eightbitsamurai I at least have hope Marvel will show it _on screen._ But yeah, please reveal it on screen not in a frickin' press interview first (or worst, after the fact, for a character that's already gone or something)

Also, it should totally be Carol Danvers. Her and Maria were clearly a thing. If Carol were male it wouldn't even be a question.

@Lexi @eightbitsamurai Theu could also be planning to introduce into the movies a character that's already canonically gay in the comics. And I think Valkyrie is bi in the comics? They could be (should be) making that explicit (not the porny meaning) on screen.

@benhamill @eightbitsamurai Yeah, and in fact, they cut a scene of a woman leaving Valkyrie's bedroom from Thor Ragnarok so uh... I _hope_ they're going to keep doing better, because that was a real shame.

Avengers Endgame spoilers 

@benhamill @eightbitsamurai They casually had a guy talking about going on a date with another guy in Endgame. He's just a no-name character who only appears in one scene, but it was nice how it was just...there. Maybe that and their increased diversity in general has just given me some hope in the MCU. Maybe I'll just be disappointed. We'll see!

Avengers Endgame spoilers 

@Lexi @eightbitsamurai Yeah. That kind of thing should be more common and is an important part of a broader effort to increase representation. Alone it's pretty 😐, but it's a step. I'm on the "cautiously optimistic" train right now.

@Lexi @eightbitsamurai OTOH, maybe Rocket's gay. That would be pretty weird, but 🤷🏻‍♂️.

TBH, every character not obviously in a straight relationship is gay: Nick Fury, Carol Danvers, Rocket, Groot, Banner, Shuri, Bucky, Sam Wilson, Maria Hill, etc. And all the others are bi+. That's canon now.

Avengers Endgame spoilers 

@Lexi @benhamill @eightbitsamurai

ysee... the problem with that is it's a throwaway, unnamed character in the movie for about five seconds, who nevertheless had his partner Bury Your Gays'd, and the russos are congratulating themselves on making some kind of huge progressive statement, and oh yeah they thought it was best executed by having joe russo play the guy.

you know, instead of writing an actual queer character and/or hiring a queer actor to play them. it's 2019 and we deserve better.

Avengers Endgame spoilers 

@chillgamesh @Lexi @eightbitsamurai I agree that the congratulatory discussion around it is ridiculous and insulting. This is the kind of thing that I wish would disappeared into like a sea of varied queer representation. Like, the only thing I think that's wrong with it in and of itself is that it's alone. But the back pating needs to stop.

@benhamill @Lexi they said it's someone "we already know" so from a previous movie. And I guess it's going to be in a movie not a PR. But also they've done nothing for our trust so imma side eye it for a while

@WagonStar I would actually take this considering how hetero his existence is. It'd be quite the twist

Also the big alien guy read as bi to me. But also he's an alien so who fuckin knows?

If they actually did it on screen, I could see that. As a "he was bi the whole time" thing, I'd be more upset than if they went with something predictable like Carol.

@WagonStar @eightbitsamurai Was Valkyrie supposed to have a scene in Thor: Ragnarok or something? It'll probably just be that.

@ishiku @WagonStar yeah she was but also the russos seem intent on destroying every good thing about Thor Ragnarok so who knows if they'll commit

They're just salty that they didn't make as good of a Thor movie.

Because Ragnarok was a gift.
@ishiku @WagonStar

@eightbitsamurai oh gosh lemme guess, it's going to be one of the lady characters and she will be gay but in a way that makes it clear she is still sexually available to men
right? i'm right, aren't i?

@eightbitsamurai Marvel Studios have whiffed so many chances at queer representation these past 11 years

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