I love Jordan Peele because for years the whites have been giving us the whole "minorities should just make their own stories instead of worrying about inclusion if they want in so bad" and now that he's doing it and proudly saying it they're losing their SHIT because they didn't actually mean it and thought we'd just never get the chance. Lmao.

@eightbitsamurai “In a nominally egalitarian society the ideal situation (socially speaking) is one in which the members of the “wrong” group have the freedom to engage in literature and yet do not do so, thus proving that they can’t. But alas, give them the least real freedom and they will do it. The trick thus becomes to make the freedom as nominal a freedom as possible and then... develop various strategies for ignoring, condemning or belittling the artistic works that result.”

@eightbitsamurai (Joanna Russ, “How to Suppress Women’s Writing”.)

@eightbitsamurai also going from sketch comedy to directing a horror movie about racism is an extreme pivot and i respect that

@eightbitsamurai fuck does he do good work, i’m losing my mind waiting for his take on the twilight zone

@eightbitsamurai I, a total White Bread, having been saying for years that their fear is 'If 'they' get power, they'll obviously treat us like we treat them!!"

@eightbitsamurai yeah, I'm fucking loving watching this.

And his movies this far have been so great!

Past few years have been so fantastic at bringing diversity to the big screens.

@eightbitsamurai Whenever people asked me why I decided to make the cast "diverse" (occasionally in a bad faith with the words "forced diversity"), I would respond "why not?". Why I am not allow to have non-white protagonist?

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