yesterday i learned that rick riordan is interested in mythological cultures outside of the greek stuff he does with percy jackson but rather than write stories about them himself he uses his "Rick Riordan Presents" publishing series to let people from those cultures write about their mythology while getting promoted by him, like with Roshani Chokshi's Aru Shah And The End Of Time

basically what i'm saying is that Rick Riordan is what JK Rowling wishes she could be (ie a good ally)

you can see all the Rick Riodan Presents stuff here. it's pretty cool:

if you're gonna be a popular white dude the least you can do is help promote the work of others. it'd be IDEAL if this weren't necessary but......i'll take what i can get, i guess


like what the fuck? i wanna read this. i wanna read this real bad tbh.

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