curious if people would be interested in a "game book club" where we all pick a game and then play through it and discuss? (either here or in a discord/discord-equivalent)

i've always wanted to make one of these but it never pans out. on that note, if you have ideas on what would keep you engaged on this sort of thing, that'd also be appreciated


@eightbitsamurai i'm in a server where we do that actually but it's for people who contribute to a patreon...

@monorail :blobthonkang:

lemme rephrase all this but add "pay me to set it up" at the end lmao

@adamk678 @eightbitsamurai I am doing one of those. We're currently doing Earthbound and the deadline for the first part is still over a week out, if you want to join in

@eightbitsamurai re:ideas: Focus on sub-hour games or something like that.

@suivran ooooo that's a good one.

i was thinking maybe separate categories even. like "handheld," "PC," "console" since not everyone has everything (i do not play games on my comp at all)

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