deleting all my tweets and i managed to pull this OC out from the rubble before it was lost which is good 'cause i literally cannot find the .png anywhere lol

this is from one of those character creator thingies but if anyone wants to get paid to make art of her DM me i've been meaning to

also i can't for the life of me remember the name of said character creator thingy, but i assume it's attached to the (C) i can't check atm

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@eightbitsamurai i have a great person to recommend!! toomanykeis on tumblr!

@adamk678 ah damn i wish I noticed, I would have asked lol! Already got someone else but I'll keep ya in mind for next time :annoyingdog:

@RobsteinOne @eightbitsamurai nebula's got the original recipe for ultimate white russian

y'know, sacred texts

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