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Hi I've been on Mastodon long enough that new peeps are showing up who don't know who mint (or peppermint) is, so here's a pinned post with info about my cute trash gremlin vocaloid OC whomst I adore that you can always refer to:

The tl;dr is that if a flash of green blows by on your timeline it's probably her 💚

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Repinned for the new users:

I'm Mint! You should follow me if you like writing and videogames and sometimes anime, like me! I'm also a designer. I have a novel about a bunch of gay kids with psychic powers coming out in 2019, but until then I'll probably be talking about whatever I'm playing or writing atm. Also I own 1,358 albums, so you should talk to me about music.

I try to be positive, but it doesn't always work, so sorry in advance.

Nice to meet you!

You might not know I'm working on a video game. That's because I do all my talking about that video game on my "professional" account, @CosmoHalberd

I'm making it in Game Maker. To those that care about that kind of thing, I'm sorry, I was too weak.

Emil: Too-PAH goo-meeeeeh. Hoo hoo hoo hoo, de da, di da da lee

Interviewer: "So what kind of art do you have to show me?"

Me: "CW: Giant robot tiddy."

Interviewer: "..."

Me: "...this is the part where you say 'show more'."

Interviewer: "No."

I'm sorry Mint for still not being able to tell if it's you or your bot posting at times

anthem surprise dropped and update yesterday and it comes with some new content, pretty cool mass effect armor and a bunch of fixes

obviously i clown on this game a lot but if they can salvage and people can enjoy it then i'll be happy for them

@eightbitsamurai Kirito is the guy who plays a human paladin named Kirito in D&D

sword art online sucks for a lot of reasons but the biggest one is kirito making a PC that looks basically exactly like him before he gets locked into the game

imagine being that much of a boring-ass, weak-sauce clown. you've got the opportunity to play the most technologically advanced videogame ever made and you just made "you but in armor." pathetic.

Capcom knew what was up because they made another one for Iceborne and it is also shaped like a friend

pukei pukei is the pinnacle of creature design. What a good lad. Protect it at all costs

@eightbitsamurai I have no idea why but the word "exquisite" in relation to urine has absolutely broken me. I don't know what to say. I think it's simultaneously the worst combination of words, and the best use of modern language to date

I dunno i didn't feel like i did very well on that interview but i might also be saying that so that i don't set myself up for failure if they turn me down

:akkoshrug: not gonna stop applying that's for sure

Wearing a suit at this interview and i feel like a fucking peacock

Also i came half an hour early because :akkoshrug:

Fuck goosebumps, fuck scary stories to tell in the dark. 8 year old me was fucked up by this opening cutscene

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