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Hi I've been on Mastodon long enough that new peeps are showing up who don't know who mint (or peppermint) is, so here's a pinned post with info about my cute trash gremlin vocaloid OC whomst I adore that you can always refer to:

The tl;dr is that if a flash of green blows by on your timeline it's probably her 💚

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Repinned for the new users:

I'm Mint! You should follow me if you like writing and videogames and sometimes anime, like me! I'm also a designer. I have a novel about a bunch of gay kids with psychic powers coming out in 2019, but until then I'll probably be talking about whatever I'm playing or writing atm. Also I own 1,358 albums, so you should talk to me about music.

I try to be positive, but it doesn't always work, so sorry in advance.

Nice to meet you!

I know I keep posting red mage glamours but I think I’ve nailed it until I get the artifact gear

unbelievable that they spent upwards of 100 million American dollars on the Cats movie but black people can’t get reparations

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anyway looks like it’s Tifa o’clock here’s dissidia Tifa


the original album is honestly worse but you wouldn’t notice at first glance lol no I’m not posting that one

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good thing about Apple Music is that it lets you edit the meta data of stuff you put in your cloud library so I was able to change the cover of the Panty and stocking album which owns but is way too horny

Scrooge stuff 

My brain: you lash out against Christmas because you’re bitter at being left out in a country that already leaves you out, after growing up in a post 9-11 world where another layer of prejudice was used against you

The only two brain cells I listen to: I mean yeah but more importantly Santa is fucking dumb lol. He isn’t real wtf

take me down to that mint city

where the hair is green and the girl’s a cutie

ok i figured it out

RDPS: Dancer (obvs lol it's my main)

MDPS: Red Mage

PDPS: Samurai

so basically Dancer as my main and to play support which is my life's calling, Red Mage to look cute and chill out, Samurai to indulge in my inner selfish asshole

adam showed me the rotation for dragoon and it's literally just press the buttons in a clockwise circle and spam jumps off cooldown this job was made for me

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sailor moon is the reason i gave up long before then

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