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Hi I've been on Mastodon long enough that new peeps are showing up who don't know who mint (or peppermint) is, so here's a pinned post with info about my cute trash gremlin vocaloid OC whomst I adore that you can always refer to:

The tl;dr is that if a flash of green blows by on your timeline it's probably her 💚

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Repinned for the new users:

I'm Mint! You should follow me if you like writing and videogames and sometimes anime, like me! I'm also a designer. I have a novel about a bunch of gay kids with psychic powers coming out in 2019, but until then I'll probably be talking about whatever I'm playing or writing atm. Also I own 1,358 albums, so you should talk to me about music.

I try to be positive, but it doesn't always work, so sorry in advance.

Nice to meet you!

saw a cool article about the best game trailers of the decade and while i'm not going to do that - most of them are just kind of okay and i already have enough on my plate - i will say that my favorite trailer for anything - even outside of games - is the launch trailer for FFXIII. regardless of how you feel about that game the trailer does suuuuch a good job of selling you on the conflic and characters. that last minute when Leona Lewis hits the cresendo: 👌🏾

AHHH thanks to Pasita for making my girl look so awesome!! I love it so much!!

existential, ~ 

existential, ~ 

game awards tomorrow

the dorito pope giveth
hallowed be his dew
his ally kojima
his promise: games are art. no, seriously, if i tweet about it enough,

shout out to my bot giving free advertising to Snapcube

going to my job at 6 in the morning tomorrow so i can skip traffic and leave at 2 and then working from home on friday lmfao

can you fucking believe this is the one mega man series we haven't gotten remasters of

@WagonStar @eightbitsamurai Apparently those quotes were taken out of context, and were originally from when JJ replaced this dude, not Rian Johnson.

extremely unprepared for star wars d i s c o u r s e again it's already started with jj abrams and the actors talking shit about rian johnson five days before the movie is even out, god

all of this could have been avoided if they just did movie versions of Knights of the Old Republic like we (read: I) wanted

I started Watch Dogs 2 about an hour and a half ago and I haven’t actually started the game yet because I keep going into clothing shops. I’m already out of money. This game has the best fashion options for a male character in a videogame hands down tbh

please tell me if you actually used a gun to kill people in watch dogs 2 so i can tell you, in my most obnoxious gamer voice possible, that you were playing it wrong

can i also just say that ubisoft are cowards for not just getting rid of all the guns in WD3. how boring. have a chance to make a AAA game that isn't about immediately killing people and throw it away, boooo

everyone in dedsec has a mastodon account, you heard it here first folks

alright @seeleymoyed got me to redownload Watch Dogs 2 (and Sleeping Dogs, for good measure. lotta dogs today) anyways the best part of WD2 other than being a black guy that fights google, my literal dream as a black guy, is that you hold R2 and do parkour, i appreciate when a game makes me press as few buttons as possible lol

what do i do with my life now that i'm done with ducktales........

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