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Hi I've been on Mastodon long enough that new peeps are showing up who don't know who mint (or peppermint) is, so here's a pinned post with info about my cute trash gremlin vocaloid OC whomst I adore that you can always refer to:

The tl;dr is that if a flash of green blows by on your timeline it's probably her 💚

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Repinned for the new users:

I'm Mint! You should follow me if you like writing and videogames and sometimes anime, like me! I'm also a designer. I have a novel about a bunch of gay kids with psychic powers coming out in 2019, but until then I'll probably be talking about whatever I'm playing or writing atm. Also I own 1,358 albums, so you should talk to me about music.

I try to be positive, but it doesn't always work, so sorry in advance.

Nice to meet you!

i can't fucking believe there's still no delicious in dungeon show, anime was such a mistake

I, too, think that my fic of H'annit and Primrose smooching on a camping trip was Hugo award-winning material, and I'm glad the academy agrees.

I'm already on the sixth season of American horror story

"oh, it's that good?"

God no it's terrible

"'re saying you don't like it?"

God, no, i love it

Like all things that i devour in days, American Horror Story is not very good but I'm already five seasons in

Why am i like this

no one:

me: stay with meeeeeee

mayonaka no door wo tatakiiiii

An official render of Toadette for Super Mario Maker 2 contains the most realistic depiction of a piece of Nintendo hardware in artwork for a first-party Nintendo game to date: a Joy-Con that is modeled in such detail that it even includes all the legally mandated labeling.

minty gang minty gang minty gang minty gang minty gang minty gang minty gang

i will not be engaging in "the discourse" on this one because i've been in a good mood on the fediverse for a while now and fuck if y'all are gonna ruin that, the only thing i'll say is that white people really need to figure out how to engage with denouncing bigotry in a way that doesn't immediately victimize themselves, it's a learned process but i know you can do it and that's all

@eightbitsamurai “Manly reasons to quit a job”

They are stealing your surplus labor value my dude

Meta, racism 

Meta, racism 

"p-politics? kpop? WWE account? we have nothing to go off of please help us"

my favorite thing about having a twitter account just to upload screenshots and vids from videogames is seeing how much it struggles to algorithm me with a shotgun blast of different shit that has nothing to do with each other, from trending tags to followers

the motif in Field of Hopes & Dreams will get stuck in my head for days at a time

shoutout to the *checks notes* two people and rihanna that cared about this btw

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