Hey all,

Can I ask what password managers you all use/recommend? Needs Firefox & Android support.

(I've been happily using Remembear for years but I guess they're shutting down, rip)


@eevee bitwarden is p solid but keepass is also supposed to be good

imo bitwarden if u want a cloud solution and keepass if u want smth a lil more fancy but are fine with handling some of the logistics urself

@eevee I use KeePass on my laptop in conjunction with the Kee extension on Firefox. Dunno if that's quite what you're looking for, tho'.

@eevee bitwarden can be self hosted (look at bitwarden_rs for self hosting) /and/ they have an option using their servers

i moved from last pass and have been very happy for years now with bitwarden

@eevee I’ve been using 1Password for a literal decade, but they moved to subscription only a while ago. Works like a charm tho.

@eevee If you're ok with a paid system, I use 1Password with this same setup, and it works wonderfully.

@eevee I've been using Bitwarden for a while, it's FOSS with a free sync service

the integration in android firefox doesn't work very well, so most of the time I have to switch to the app to copy password and switch back to browser to paste, rather than there being a simple "hey I recognized this as something I can fill" button that appears sporadically

@eevee keepassxc with the file on my nextcloud. Keepass2android keeps the android device in sync over WebDAV and on windows you can mount the folder. On Linux dav2fs uses fuse to do the same. Not sure on mac but I'm sure there'll be an equivalent mounter.

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