So my son (and wife) did a baking... Episode? A baking something. It's cute. If you like cute things, check it out.

Much Ado About Nothing with David Tennant and Catherine Tate. You are WELCOME.

I could write an essay about forged-in-the-dark games and Scum and Villainy in particular (and in fact woke up composing it in my head, following our 16th session last night) but it would be long and tedious and nitpicky, and boils down to this:

I like the game. Aside from being painful to reference at the table, it objectively good.

I do NOT like running the game. At all. Ever.

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Can we just cancel the term Ex-pat it allows white people to pretend they are not immigrants.

Hey guys. I'm migrating over to [email protected] - feel free to follow me over there.

One of the greatest gifts players can give a GM is being really involved in the game.

The girls in my Masks: Phoenix Academy game (my daughter and two of her friends from school) are blowing the doors off. (I'd like to take credit but... I dunno man... it's just something about this game...)

I can't keep up with the art, mood boards, and music playlists. It's bananas. 13 year olds playing 15 year olds have precisely ZERO CHILL.

Anyway, link to the Youtube playlist.

**Kim, Kate, Amanda, and I get together to build an Apocalypse**

Using the new Burned Over playbooks; the moves feel better and match what I’m looking for in our relationship with the Maelstrom.

3 women, playing 3 women. No one picked the Lawgiver, so Imma put a proper asshole in charge and see if a little Patriarchy Smashing Revenge Fantasy gets going.

Thanks to @jadiejadie I was able to realize a longtime dream I've had of converting this picture of my youngest into an incorrigible halfling adventurer.

Valerian is an unedited RPG actual play podcast of a movie.

Slowly spinning up a Scum & Villainy game for the Monday night group, but more immediately I'm looking forward to the Masks game with my daughter and her friends from school. Session 2 on Saturday!

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The elixir bubbled delicately in a thimble.

"Is this going to be enough to cure the curse?"

"You're only a little cursed; so you don't need much."

"What happens if I drink more than this?"

"You would have no more misfortunes in your life."

"So why not give me extra?"

"I strongly urge against taking more than you need."

"But why?"

"You would actively siphon the good fortune of others."

"I don't see the problem."

"That is also why."

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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I'm not surprised to see G+ being discontinued. It's been a long way coming and it's rather typical for Google to discontinue it's social media platforms.

Google is doing way to much and tries to crawl into every space and niche but it's impossible to be good at everything, yet they keep trying to no end.

I just hope people come into the fediverse now and enjoy the "new" social media landscape(s).

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Playing through I6-Ravenloft, using World of Dungeons, with my daughter.

I'm really excited about Zombie World, the new pbta survival horror game from Magpie. Some folks are wondering if the game - using card-based mechanics - can be reasonably run on Roll20.

You can. This video is me explaining how.

... And gushing about Zombie World.

Continuing to run a one player World of Dungeons Ravenloft game via Discord text chat. Our hero snuck around the backside of the castle and broke in through a boarded-up window, into the chapel.

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