GOG are giving away Ultima Underworld 1+2, Syndicate Plus and Syndicate Wars for FREE until September 3rd (which you should consider claiming in case EA suddenly decides to delist them again) gog.com/promo/rerelease_ultima

There was a big trans rights protest outside Downing Street earlier today: pinknews.co.uk/2021/08/06/lond :trans_heart:​ :trans_heart:​ :trans_heart:​

re: Offworld Trading Company thoughts 

@eldaking What I love most about this game, aside from Tin's excellent soundtrack, is that each match can be completed in a single sitting instead of being dragged out for weeks (which is why I don't play Civilization anymore - I'd never get round to playing anything else!)

Offworld Trading Company thoughts 

So I've been playing Offworld Trading Company recently after claiming it for free on Epic a few weeks ago. Gameplay-wise, it's a fast-paced RTS about resource production and market profiteering. Most games last about 30 minutes and always end with everyone rushing to buy out each other out. Fairly complex, but the tutorials do a great job at teaching the mechanics.

Thematically, there's this rather cynical and dark subtext where, despite finally reaching for the stars and being offered the opportunity to make a fresh start, humanity instead chooses to replicate the exact same artificial systems of capitalism that it had back on Earth, screwing each other over in the pursuit of obscene profits but in space.

gta v bullshit, extremely poor taste 

@whiskers Errant Signal's video on GTAV specifically criticises that mission for, after nearly saying something meaningful about the US Government's use of torture as a means of extracting unreliable information, immediately dropping all subtext by having Trevor loudly rant about Why Torture Is Bad while driving to the airport and turning the victim into a laughing stock who then falls down some stairs

This week, Epic are giving away Minit and A Plague Tale: Innocence (one of James Stephanie Sterling's favourite games from 2019)

Fullbright, toxic workplace 

Fullbright (Gone Home, Tacoma) co-founder Steve Gaynor has stepped down as creative lead (but continues to be a writer) for Open Roads after his controlling, belittling behaviour towards women led to 12 employees leaving the company in two years: polygon.com/22610490/fullbrigh

Apparently Zoom straight up lied about conferences being E2E encrypted, and didn’t tell anyone that they were passing personally identifiable data to Facebook & Google for years.

They have just had their ass handed to them by the FTC, and members of a class action lawsuit will be receiving compensation. Also… maybe don’t use Zoom unless your employer makes you. 😬


Activision Blizzard lawsuit latest 

Activision Blizzard is now being sued by their own shareholders for intentionally not telling them that the company's workplace culture was being investigated: news.bloomberglaw.com/class-ac

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re: Activision Blizzard lawsuit latest 

@avie Yep, it's very obvious that the executives want this whole mess to go away, but also don't want their employees rallying together and inconveniencing them by unionising

Activision Blizzard lawsuit latest 

The ABK Workers Alliance, a coalition of Activision Blizzard employees, has rejected the executive leadership's decision to hire a law firm as a third-party auditor and stated how they themselves will improve their workplace with employee-driven initiatives: ign.com/articles/activision-bl

The Great Ace Attorney is out in the West, so here's a (mostly spoiler-free) interview with Capcom's localization director Janet Hsu about the challenges of localising it: polygon.com/interviews/2251921

Here's a $20 Itch bundle full of short games with worse graphics, each one costing about 71 cents: itch.io/b/988/the-shorter-game

Blizzard lawsuit - personal opinions 

I wrote a blog post titled: "Grieving and a Sense of Betrayal". In it, I briefly went over the main points in the Blizzard lawsuit about the abuse that happened.

I also included personal thoughts about workplace abuse I've experienced, my emotional state after reading about the rot at Activision Blizzard, and how the community has responded.

If you have a Medium subscription, you can read the article over there:


If you don't have a Medium subscription, you can read it on my Book of Jen website for free.


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image description: A photo of the Anaheim Convention center during the 2014 BlizzCon by Jen Thorpe.

mastodev, meta 

I thought about posting a lengthy thread expressing my thoughts on the problems with the recent "official" app and the overall direction of the Mastodon project, but this blogpost by @packetcat summarises everything I have to say about it: asininetech.com/2021/07/31/irr

GOG are giving away Wanderlust: Transsiberian for free. It's a choose-your-own-adventure game where you travel through Siberia: gog.com/game/wanderlust_transs

Some free games on Epic this week:

Mothergunship, a bullet hell FPS where you craft a massive gun: epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/mo

Train Sim World 2, a simulation which includes the Bakerloo Line: epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/tr

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