The name's Mandrake. I've been part of Elekk's community since November 2017. I live in the UK and mostly toot about (specifically ), what I've been playing recently, and whether there's any games being given away for free. I also really like and listening to .

Also I'm horse

The name's Mandrake. I left birdsite in late 2017 and I've been part of Elekk's community ever since. I mostly toot about news (especially ), what I've been playing recently, and whenever games are being given away for free.

I also really like and , he is a perfect purple boy and I love him and all 74 of his gay dragon dads

The Epic Games Store is giving away Thimbleweed Park from today until March 7th. It's a point-and-click adventure by former LucasArts writers!

Games I played during 2018 

* Psychonauts (earned Rank 101!)
* Red Faction: Guerrilla
* Crusader Kings II (spent far too much time on this one)
* Deus Ex
* FlatOut 2
* Deltarune
* System Shock 2
* Tropico 4
* Orwell

If you enjoy playing scary video games, Metro 2033 is free on Steam for a short period of time:

Insurgency (2014) is free on for the next 48 hours. If you have it in your inventory, you'll apparently get a 10% discount on the sequel that's out next month:

The 2018 charity event has just started! They're all wonderful streamers and you should definitely tune in if you can:

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Someone made a mod for where you can play as Richard Conway from , allowing you to jump across rooms and kick doors into guards

Five years after the dreadful Aliens: Coloniel Marines was released, someone managed to improve the AI of the Xenomorphs... by fixing a single typo in the code

The one silver lining of this CPU disaster is that performance seems unaffected by the patch, at least on Linux systems

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