The Epic Games Store will continue to give away free games for another year, starting with Horace:

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is FREE on the Epic Games Store today! Highly recommended if you enjoy the Donkey Kong Country series:

Epic's of the day is Hello Neighbour, so you should head over to GOG and claim a DRM-free copy of Tower of Time instead:

If you want another Christmas present, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is free on the Epic Games Store:

Ape Out is FREE on the Epic Games Store. Create your own freestyle jazz solo with a rampaging gorilla!

SUPERHOT, the most innovative shooter you'll play in years, is currently FREE on the Epic Games Store:

Steam: spend £39 in the sale to earn enough Festivity Tokens so that you can redeem a £3.80 coupon!

Epic: have this reusable $10 coupon and Into the Breach for free just for dropping by:

Epic are giving away not one, but two free games this week! The Escapists and The Wolf Among Us (of which the sequel is back in development with involvement from some of the original team)

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