Listening to Silent Running/Breaking Out by The Protomen on YouTube, saw this comment which deserves to be shared

Doctor Who S12E1 screenshots, implied kink 

Shoutout to whoever owns this pub for putting their fursona on the sign outside

Back when I was a child, I received this Action Man doll plus street racer for Christmas, and I thought it was the greatest present in the world.

Two decades later, I still have it, but now whenever I look at him, I think, "This is just some bloke having a midlife crisis, isn't it?"


In preparation for Episode 4, I've been rewatching 'Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?' which contains my favourite visual gag in all of

SBCG4AP Episode 3 (spoilers) 

SBCG4AP Episode 3 (spoilers), swimsuit 

SBCG4AP Episode 2 (spoilers), arachnids 

Homestar Runner, heavily-implied kink 

Wolfenstein, USpol satire 

alcohol, stuffed toy 

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