New Pokémon Snap, shitpost 

Can't believe the protagonist from Pokémon Snap grew up and became the executive producer at Bethesda

Some official -themed Valentimes cards from ~2002. Tag yourself, I'm Homestar

Out of all the cards they added to this week, this is my favourite

This cinematic shot of Manston Airport slowly filling up with lorries has been doing the rounds. So naturally, I swapped the audio with something more unsettling

Sam & Max: Antifa Supersoldiers 

Yeah can't believe the "SJWs" have "ruined" Sam & Max forever though :blobrollingeyes:

So the Itch game which I used to design my fursona had a festive update last week and I decided to dress up for the holidays!

"Great clown Binky has been
cancelled. Don't go to his shows any more."
"But Doctor..."

Spyro, realising that he needs to buy Father's Day gifts for all 74 of his dads

Somebody at Nintendo went to a lot of effort just to make fun of Waluigi for being a cheap knock-off :wah:

Enter the Gungeon, cigarettes 

Enter the Gungeon says: smoking is bad for your health

Hi, I'm Mandrake and I'm a horse! 🐴​ I've been part of Elekk's community since November 2017. I enjoy listening to and mostly post about , such as what I've been playing recently and whether there's anything good being given away for free. I also have a collection of every single game I've played on, which I regularly update with short summaries for each:

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