Offworld Trading Company thoughts 

So I've been playing Offworld Trading Company recently after claiming it for free on Epic a few weeks ago. Gameplay-wise, it's a fast-paced RTS about resource production and market profiteering. Most games last about 30 minutes and always end with everyone rushing to buy out each other out. Fairly complex, but the tutorials do a great job at teaching the mechanics.

Thematically, there's this rather cynical and dark subtext where, despite finally reaching for the stars and being offered the opportunity to make a fresh start, humanity instead chooses to replicate the exact same artificial systems of capitalism that it had back on Earth, screwing each other over in the pursuit of obscene profits but in space.

re: Offworld Trading Company thoughts 

@dickmandrake The game is really good, though I only play singleplayer and it's clearly not the focus.

The voice lines are also great in communicating the theme. :P

re: Offworld Trading Company thoughts 

@eldaking What I love most about this game, aside from Tin's excellent soundtrack, is that each match can be completed in a single sitting instead of being dragged out for weeks (which is why I don't play Civilization anymore - I'd never get round to playing anything else!)

re: Offworld Trading Company thoughts 

@dickmandrake I tend to prefer the longer games, but for OTC the faster pace works.

It's not as frantic as most RTS (though still a bit stressful for me), but the pressure keeps it from dragging too long.

re: Offworld Trading Company thoughts 

@dickmandrake It's also the RTS equivalent of an Euro boardgame (no direct "aggression", just pure economic gameplay complete with stock market) which really fits my style.

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