Steam :steam: library tips 

* Go to Settings and disable Community Content from automatically loading
* Use dynamic collections to automatically organise your games by genre
* Hide trash games so that they won't show up unless searched for
* If a game's artwork looks weird, replace it with your own image!

Ideas for collections:
* Now Playing
* Unfinished
* Completed
* All Achievements
* Card drops remaining
* By developer/franchise

Steam :steam: library tips 

@dickmandrake I totally do the Now Playing / Finished categories. A category that I also find useful is "Always", which is pretty much for games I want to keep installed just for casual play whenever or because I have friends who play online. (All my digital board games go there, for example.)

Steam :steam: library tips 

@PastaThief Good idea, I've added a shelf for Installed games, sorted by size, so I know what I've got installed

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